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A New Series

Musical Ecologies is a new monthly symposium on music and sound held every 2nd Thursday at the Old Stone House in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Curated and hosted by composer Dan Joseph, each event focuses on a single artist who presents a work or project either in the form of a talk or lecture, a multimedia presentation, a performance, or combination thereof. Each presentation is preceded by a 30-minute conversation with the curator and audience. Admission is by contribution and a reception will follow.

Upcoming events:

October 11: Craig Shepard’s On Foot
November 8: Miya Masaoka: Excerpts from Geographies
December 13: Tom Chiu
January 24: Eve Beglarian’s The River Project
February 14: Michael J. Schumacher
March 21: Andrea Williams
April 11: Zach Layton
May 16: Jason Cady
June 13: Dan Joseph

Curator’s statement:

The impulse to create this series comes from a longstanding desire for a more direct conversation and discussion with other artists about our work as music makers. New York City is an incredibly diverse musical ecosystem that provides many opportunities to take in musical information, and while casual opportunities for conversation present themselves throughout the concert season, rare is an intimate and in-depth exploration of a particular artist or work in a public context. This is the context I hope to create with Musical Ecologies. Over the course of this inaugural season I will invite an eclectic group of musical minds to share their work and thoughts in the upstairs community space of The Old Stone House in Park Slope.

What are musical ecologies? A kind of musicology of our time and place, Musical Ecologies is the exploration of musical communities and lineages; musical geographies; families of instruments, tools, and media; and musical economies. Ever an evolving concept, Musical Ecologies is the exploration of the many connections and relationships among artists, tools and traditions that make up our musical community.

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